About Us

Hustlenomics is a registered trademark of Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC.  Damola Idowu, the Hustlenomics CEO, introduced this term in 2002 with the launch of the Owners Illustrated magazine online.  In 2003, it became a regular feature on the back of the print edition showing how we “grind and shine” in our unconventional manner while building our brands and enterprises globally.  In 2006, due to the overwhelming demand from beautiful women who wanted to be photographed and featured on our pages, we created an entirely new publication, Hustlenomics.  However, it was not limited to models as we also featured rising stars in the entertainment field and the ultimate in luxury and performance vehicles.  We created a unique representation of models, next generation superstars and the best cars in the world.  Artists such as Rick Ross, Lil Scrappy, and Lloyd Banks and models such as Coco, LoLa Monroe, and Rosa Acosta have graced our pages and we have featured the ultimate rides in every issue.

The future is in technology and artificial intelligence. You hear Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant but how do they look?  Toyz Nation, our sister publication, introduced animated characters of Angel (now LoLa Monroe) and Coco in partnership with renown comic book publisher Zenescope in 2008. Virtual worlds like Second Life and Prototerra were ahead of their time but with the advent of virtual reality and mixed reality headsets and augmented reality game development we are poised to bring the ultimate digital assistant to you.  Our friends at Toyz Electronics, LLC conduct hackathons at universities like Carnegie Mellon University and have young developers developing games for virtual reality platforms.  We even have developers working on augmented reality games for smartwatches like the TZN 1 by Toyz Electronics which you can purchase on this site.

Imagine having your own personal assistant when you shop. It’s coming! In partnership with Da Great Deity Dah comic book, we are now bringing the future to you with a mix of lifestyle, virtual worlds, gaming, music, cosplay, and of course, the best in models, cars, and next generation superstars. Blac Chyna was someone we discovered in DC and photographed early in her career.  She embodies the hustlenomics spirit in taking advantage of her opportunities and doing it in an unconventional way. It’s only the beginning.  Join us and share with your friends your own personal piece of hustlenomics. Tell your personal story of “grind and shine” when you wear our apparel, play our games or use our technology.  Dress up as one of our ethnically diverse characters at the next comic convention.  Tell your story on social media platforms like the former hustlenomics.com website. The next story we tell might be yours or the next person we feature might be you.